Invest In Quality


We screen for high quality companies that consistently increase their dividends to reach our goals of:

-  Generating monthly revenue while achieving top performance rankings within the market

- Producing a yearly raise in dividends with an attractive risk/return trade off

- Protecting clients from market volatility with risk adjusted portfolio management


Our portfolios are built on the principles that:

- Our partners deserve a transparent portfolio grounded in consistent performance and strong fundamentals

- We provide a defensive approach with a focus on quality and performance

- We believe that high-quality companies with increasing dividends from free cash flow provide investors a greater risk adjusted, tax efficient alpha.


 Monitor over 250 public companies with special attention to free cash flow, dividend payments, and dividend growth while:

- Rigorously adhering to a well-defined investment process

- Utilizing a combined 60+ years of investment experience to fuel intelligent investment culture

- Focusing on risk mitigation and fostering consistent growth potential